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Some Of My Clients...

About Me...

Hi there! I’m a non-union voice-over artist, and I offer my professional voice-over services to companies, services, and anyone who needs them. My vocal range is adaptable, and I can produce sounds that are youthful, energetic, or rich and sophisticated. I am originally from Florida, and my accent is naturally neutral.

Ever since I was four years old, I have been passionate about entertaining people. I have performed in various venues, including church and school stages, and I even earned a scholarship in Theatre. My talent has led me to modeling, television commercials, and independent films.

I have also worked as a Stage/Improv Actress and Convention Host at Walt Disney World. Working there allowed me to enhance my skills in creating character voices and synchronizing my voice with tracked character voices during live stage shows. I have undergone the best on-the-job training that has honed my skills and made me an exceptional voice-over artist.

My unique background and sincere conversational style enhance my voice-over flexibility, allowing me to narrate a wide array of voice-over projects. I specialize in Commercials, Narration, Explainer Videos, Promos, Announcing, Hosting, and many more.

I have my own soundproofed home studio where I record all voice-over projects. I am self-taught, and do my own editing. I always strive to improve my work and sound with each project. I'm a proud wife and mother of two amazing boys and two adorable dogs who keep me on my toes. I also host my own podcast, where I get to have fun conversations with interesting people from all walks of life.

Fun Facts:

❤️ I’m a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor and live every day to the fullest with my implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) in my chest.

❤️ I made history and broke barriers in 2021 by becoming the first female public address announcer for an NFL game with the Tennessee Titans, and I did it with confidence and determination.

❤️ In 2021, my son and I hosted "Titans Talk with Cason," a podcast designed by us, specifically for kids who support the Tennessee Titans. It was the first-ever podcast of its kind in the NFL, and we're proud to say that it ran successfully for two seasons. We had a great time hosting it and are grateful for its success.


With my extensive skills and experience, I believe that I would be the ideal choice for your voice-over needs


*All voiceovers heard in videos here were recorded by me in my professional home studio. 

Let's Work Together!

What People Are Saying...

"Cardiac Arrest is an extremely stressful time for the bystander and a directive but calming voice was sought after, and once I learned more about Carrie’s story and her passion and advocacy for increased AED placements, the choice was an easy one.”

- Gary Montague, CEO and Founder, HeartHero 

"Carrie has a warm, inviting and professional voice. I have used her talents for both narrative projects and character voices.

I highly recommend this awesome talent!"

- Dennis Baker, Let's Just Imagine Media

"Carrie is a pro. She has a great voice, fantastic turnaround, and is fun to work with!"

- Bret McQuinn, Graco, Inc.  

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